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Our Story


Our Journey

Our founder was introduced to Keto and Low Carb lifestyles 2 years ago by dear friends who had experienced significant improvement in health. She has also observed improvements in several aspects and health measures since she started Keto lifestyle and now going through cycles of Low Carbs and Keto lifestyles in sequence with considerations on the balance of nutrition on the long run (relevant research studies shared in page blog). 

Our Vision / Goal

Hope to contribute to convenient and sustainable Low Carb & Keto lifestyles with minimal promise of our lives by

- wise and quality food choices

- natural substitutes

- balanced nutrition macros

- keep your taste buds happy
- and most importantly, saving time from cooking to spend quality time with our loved ones

Our Philosophy
Recipes for different dietary preference, nutrition macros serving different needs, identify and maintain healthy & tasty elements in Keto and Low Carbs ingredients. our recipes are more balanced on nutrition macro and makes our taste buds happy. They went through numerous attempts and failures throughout her journey and feedbacks received. Thanks for the opinion and collaboration to make our products better. Hope that
 low carbs and keto food will be available handy in all shops, supermarkets and restaurant menus in all cuisines, as accessible as any other food one day. Hence, the vision and mission of Petite Karb as follows and started to operate out of Hong Kong mid Dec 2021.

Our Mission

- Increase accessibility to collection of good quality Low Carb & Keto food whenever, wherever and however we want our treats without compromising on macros for our lifestyles.
- Contribute to variety and collections of food available in market with better balanced in macros, not only low carbs but moderate percentage of fat, protein and dietary fiber.

- Balanced macros and close taste or taste even better than normal food.

- Various recipe selection available for customer's choice and needs.


We believe in the value of handcrafted quality baked goods, nutrition to our health and the importance of taste in our lives. Not only do they warm the home, but our products will definitely warm your heart. Your taste buds will be happy and we know you will too.

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